22.5K (100kN) Instron 4505 (Extra Wide)

(1) Reconditioned 22,500 lbf (100 kN) Capacity Instron, Model 4505, Precision Two Ball Screw Tension and Compression Testing Machine Updated with new AC Servo Motor & Drive Controller and Precision Load Cell. S/N H2447

Instron Model 4505


Tension Testing Opening (Less Lower Table & Tooling): 60”

Compression Testing Opening (Less Lower Table & Tooling): 60"

Distance Between Columns/Screws: 39"

Testing Stroke: 60"

Table Size (W x D): 37" x 8"

Low Speed Testing to 100 kN (IPM): 0.0004-20

High Speed Testing to 50 kN (IPM): 20 - 40

Crosshead Adjusting Speed (IPM): 40

Approximate Overall Dimensions:

New Electronic Control Console (W x D x H): 27.5" x 27" x 35"

Load Frame (W x D x H): 60" x 28" x 88"

Approximate Weight (lbs): 4,000

Electrical Requirements (V,Hz,PH): 230, 60, 1


  • Dell, OpiPlex 3050 Intel i5-7500 CPU 3.41GHz Computer (500 GB H.D., 4.0 GB Ram), 16X DVD+/-RW SATA Drive, Dell Wireless Key Keyboard & Mouse
  • 24" LED-Backlit LCD Color Monitor or Better & Manual
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Professional, Workstation
  • MTESTQuattro, Material Testing Software for Data Acquisition (Load, Position & 2 Strain), Analysis and Computer Controlled Testing with Manual.
  • MTESTQuattro, Micro Console for Sensor Excitation and Analog/Digital Signal Processing with USB Cable.
  • Electronic Material Testing Control System in Custom Cabinet/Desk with PC Controls and Crosshead Jog Controller.
  • New Yaskawa AC Servo Motor with Incremental Encoder and Yaskawa Solid State Drive Controller for Precision Control of Testing Rates (Load, Position & Strain).

FOB Warren, MI

Reconditioned/Retrofitted & Certified

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty