Ling Model V556 Vibration System Electrodynamic

(1) USED Ling Vibration System, Model V556, Electrodynamic Vibration Test System with Slip Table S/N 41965/1 MFG: 8/29/1996

Ling Vibration System Model V556


Force Rating (Sine): 211 lbf

Force Rating (Random): 143 lbf

Peak to Peak Displacement: 1"

Max Acceleration Sine Peak: 100 g

System Velocity Sine Peak: 59.1 in/s

Frequency Range (kHz): 5-6.3 kHz Max

Armature Diameter: 4.33”

Moving Element Mass (Max): 2.07

Total Weight (Lbs): 450


  • LDS V-556 Exciter
  • LDS Slip Table

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