Newage Series 9000 Digital Brinell Hardness Testing System

(1) USED, Newage Series 9000, Digital Brinell Hardness Testing System ASTM E-103 & ASTM E-10 Test Methods   S/N 340


Major Brinell Loads(Kgs): 500 kg

Standard Vertical Work Height: 10" with Elevating Screw, 16" without Elevating Screw

Throat Depth: 8"

Maximum Test Stroke: 4"

Approximate Overall Dimensions (W x D x H):

Bench Stand:  28" x 30" x 30",

Tester:  20" x 25" x 68"

Approximate Weight(Lbs): 1,500

Electrical Requirements(V, Ph): 230/460, 3

Testing Speed(Max): 500 tests/hour


  • Newage LED Digital Display for Operator Prompting, Test Results, Printout Settings, Statistical Calculations, and Tolerance Values
  • Digital Display of Direct Read Brinell Number
  • Newage Standard Hydraulic Packs
  • 10mm Carbide Ball
  • Manual

FOB Warren, MI

Cleaned, Serviced & Certified by Newage