Bruker D8 Advance Eco for Multipurpose Solutions Diffractometer

(1) Used Bruker D8 Advance Eco for multipurpose solutions diffractometer. Full-sized goniometer class powder XRD under ambient and non-ambient conditions.

Bruker D8 Advance Eco


Technical Specifications General Diffraction System Tab. 1: Technical Specifications: General Diffraction System.
Mechanical Specifications
Weight of complete system ready for operation (includes: generator, cooling unit, electronics, goniometer with standard sample stage, X-ray source, X-ray optics, scintillation detector)770 kg
Weight of the enclosure and cabinet without equipment (goniometer,sample stage, X-ray source, X-ray optics, detector)620 kg
Area load per m2 of the floor (ready for operation, system standing onintegrated casters: 66cm x 90cm)1300 kg/m²
Clearance of doors for transportation86 cm (34”)
Height (Cabinet and Enclosure ready for operation)1868 mm (73,5”)
Width (Cabinet and Enclosure ready for operation)1300 mm (51,2”)
Depth (Cabinet and Enclosure ready for operation)1135 mm (44,7”)
Space inside enclosure: Height956 mm (37.6”)
Space inside enclosure: Width1014 mm (39.9”)
Space inside enclosure: Depth1037 mm (40.8”)
Transport size on casters: Height1300 mm (51.2”)
Transport size on casters: Width1868 mm (73.5”)
Transport size on casters: Depth  854 mm (33.6”)
Environmental Specifications
Temperature operation range15 – 35°C, recommended temperature range 20°C - 28°C
Maximum temperature gradient1.0°C per hour
Relative humidity20%-80%, condensation not allowed
Atmospheric pressureDiffraction system applicable at all terrestrial locations underatmospheric air pressure conditions 
Cooling Water Requirements
Minimum Flow Rate3.6 l/min
Pressure of Cooling Water Supply4 to 7.5 bar
Pressure of Cooling Water DischargePressure-free
Operating Water Temperature10 to 25° C, 15 to 20° C recommended (avoidcondensation)
Diameter of Cooling Water Supply1/2“
Water filter (water supply)Mesh size 0.15 mm (100 mesh)


Assuming a relative humidity of 80% and a room temperature of 30 °C the dew point is 26 °C, at a room temperature of 25 °C the dew point is 21 °C, respectively. In case the head of the tube housing has a temperature equal or lower than the dew point condensation will occur.

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