3 kN Instron E3000 ElectroPuls Dynamic Fatigue Test System

(1) USED 3kN Instron E3000 ElectroPuls Dynamic Fatigue Test System. S/N E3000U2125

Instron Model E3000


System ID Number: E3000U2125

Force Capacity: 3kN (.675lbf)

Number Of Columns: 2

Distance Between Columns: 18"

Maximum Distance Between Actuator and Table: 33.5”

T-Slotted Base Table: 18"W x 17.75"D

Approximate Overall Dimensions (W x D x H): 30" x 20" x 74" Max Height

Approximate Weight (lbs): 600 lbs


  • Oswald Electromotoren AC Linear Actuator SN 164938-2013
  • 3 kN Instron Mech Grips, CN 2742-202
  • Instron Test System Controller, MN A1748-3005-3, SN 811
  • Instron Transformer, MN A1748-3085
  • 5 kN Instron Dynacell Loadcell, SN 121982
  • Instron Software Discs: Instron Dynamic Material Testing Software Console 8 Full Version & WaveMatrix Full Version
  • Instron Users Manual

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